Chelation Therapy India Mumbai
Bypassing Bypass Surgery:
We conducted Angiography for my grandfather at a leading hospital in Mumbai.The doctor said that he cannot undergo Angioplasty due to several blockages and complications and suggested "By Pass Surgery". We instead tried Chelation Therapy with amazing results. 

         - Mr Raj 
Chelation Therapy India ® 

Chelation Therapy India Mumbai
Chelation Therapy India Mumbai
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Chelation Therapy is a leading alternate allopathic medical therapy used to reverse and slow down the progression of atherosclerotic heart disease, hardening of arteries, as well as other age related and degenerative diseases. Many diseases such as heart attacks,leg pain and gangrene can be treated using Chelation Therapy.

Chelation Therapy is a preventive treatment given prior to angioplasty with or without stent or bypass surgery. 

Chelation Therapy is an intravenous procedure administered by a trained Medical Doctor, right in the clinic. Patients are seated in a very comfortable chair or bed, where they can read, chat, watch TV or use their cell phone. Number of session of this therapy depends on age,disease, severity of the disease, allied disease (hypertension, Diabetes and Cholesterol) and lifestyle. After each session patients can go back home usually with no difficulties.

Even though Chelation Therapy is a patient proven therapy, its not main stream due to politically powerful medical and economic system, which continues to delay and suppress this therapy's widespread acceptance.

There are very few doctors  who practice this therapy in India, even though its very popular in the Western countries. 

One such doctor we found from our research in Mumbai,India is Dr. Dhananjay M Shah. He has successfully treated thousands of  patients (from age 14 to 93 ) in 12 years using Chelation Therapy. From our visit we also know he has a list of patients who he treated successfully using this amazing therapy all over India, Sri Lanka , Middle East ( Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh) and Africa ( Madagascar , Uganda ,Kampala ).

His information is
Dr. Dhananjay.M. Shah.
Jay Clinic.
9, Gurukrupa Evershine Nagar, 
Link Road, Malad (West).
Mumbai 400064.
Tel:- +91-22-28892089. 
Cell:- 09819439657. 

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